Here’s a “Top 10” list of team feedback that I received from members of Studio X, the experience design studio that I co-directed at Hornall Anderson in Seattle. They’re taken verbatim from a series of anonymous annual performance reviews submitted to my manager in January 2016.


“Tim has the ability to help you look at all possible sides of the story and is willing to articulately debate it with you for the best possible outcome.”


“He’s balancing a million plates and is always still available for a quick one-on-one whenever requested, and gives meaningful, thoughtful feedback.”


“Tim has many talents, but problem-solving and thinking through pressure-filled situations is where he really shows his intelligence and gracefulness.”


“He’s built a lot of trust with Airbus and helped us achieve the vision we initially set out with — not easy to do.”


“Tim is amazing to work with. His thoughtfulness and insight are invaluable to the Experience Design team. I have learned a lot from Tim both in direct conversations and observing him with clients.”


“I’ve been in client meetings with Tim where the client REALLY wants something, Tim says ‘no, and here is why,’ and the client completely gets it. That never happens at other places.”


“One of the best storytellers we have here. He is creative, thoughtful, and surprises me with each and every client encounter.”


“He acts like a grown up, is a natural leader, humble and inspires others around him to step up and do/be the same.”


“He trusts his department’s decisions, and stands behind them. That’s why he hired us.”


“I feel smarter when he is in the room — I’d wager that many would say the same.”