For half a century, Airbus Group has pushed the boundaries of flight. Despite being the industry’s largest global purchaser of products from the United States, their economic impact was not widely known. The aerospace and defense corporation needed to shift perception from that of a product-specific business to a global leader with strong presence in the United States.

In a state-of-the-art Experience Center in the heart of Washington, DC, immersive technologies and interactive displays tell a comprehensive story. At a range of scales, from deep-dive installations to awe-inspiring bird’s eye views, people are engaged through impeccably designed moments of surprise and delight.

Offering three experience paths to explore, and hosting everyone from airline customers to congressmen, the center invites guests into a greater understanding of Airbus Group’s role in shaping the trajectory of travel, defense and aerospace. The innovative design of the Airbus Experience Center earned the project a feature story in DesignWeek magazine.