A certain kind of curiosity

I'll try to keep this brief: After a couple years at NYU's graduate film school, I left to become a freelance writer-photographer, and then ended up in the museum design field creating interactive exhibitions. I went to Austria to get an MFA in new media, and then joined a creative agency as a brand strategist, but soon became a co-director of their experience design studio. After that, I went to the client side for several years to help launch and build a successful AI startup in Seattle. In 2020 I moved to Berlin to work as a freelance creative director.

It’s been a strange ride, and with any luck that strangeness will continue. It's been a privilege to collaborate with a diverse range of clients on a broad slate of incredibly interesting projects, like:

  • Service design for the first Amazon brick-and-mortar store
  • An immersive showroom and experience center for Airbus
  • Interaction design for Fathom, the world’s first socially conscious cruise line
  • A cultural museum for the Suquamish people, the tribe of Chief Seattle
  • Interface design for Starbucks’ next-generation espresso machine
  • A mini-series of international case study videos for Tableau
  • An award-winning visual search engine for the Smithsonian

When I’m not creating things for work, I’m usually off somewhere exploring places and cultures that are new to me. Photography was my original love as a teenager, and my camera still joins me everywhere I travel, although these days I’ve traded in my trusty old Canon A-1 for the newest iPhone Pro. I also sometimes find myself just prototyping weird things for fun, like this motion-controlled virtual cello. If you have a creative project that you think I might be a good fit for, please send me an email using the link below!

P.S. I don't like bragging, but you might find this post useful if you’re wondering what I'm like to work with.