Prior to my work with Textio, I was co-director of the experience design studio at Seattle design agency Hornall Anderson, affectionately dubbed “Studio X.” Along with co-director Mark Buchalter and a team of seven interaction designers, technology specialists, and industrial designers, I led the agency’s digital and environmental design projects.

Studio X projects ranged broadly from corporate websites to videos and from retail service design to immersive product showrooms. Some of our clients included Airbus, Starbucks, Tableau, the Mastercard Foundation, the Golden State Warriors, Fathom Cruises, and the Empire State Building. (I’m incredibly proud of the work my team did on these projects. If you want to read what they thought of having me in a creative leadership role, have a look at this Top 10 list of anonymous performance review quotes!)

Our work included a project for Amazon designing their very first brick-and-mortar outlets, a series of branded university campus stores. Amazon had already created the concept internally and they brought in our studio team to complete the service design, working closely with their architecture group to research, plan, prototype, and test different store layouts and user flows.